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Latest News - May 2015: Encryption Ransomware
Malware that encrypts your files and demands a hefty fee to unlock them is on the increase. This can be particularly tricky, even for someone like me. If you have been affected by this kind of scam, turn your PC off as soon as possible and contact me immediately on 01620 850284. Most the time the encrypted files are lost forever - even if you pay the ransom - but there are technical loopholes that I can exploit that might just get back your precious files, photos and personal information.

Latest News - February 2015: Fake Support Calls
There has been another surge in bogus support persons. Additionally, the pensions calls are ongoing too. The goal of the bogus support caller is to install software on your PC. This allows him to control your PC remotely. They will usually install some legitimate tools also to justify the bill they will land you with - usually 130 pounds! Never mind. I can clean it all away for you.

Latest News - October 2014: Dogs Trust Appeal
We’ve supported Dogs Trust for many years. Now’s your chance to do so too. Join up and sponsor a dog today! Also, for every customer I have in November and December we’ll be making a £1 donation. Visit this page for more details...

Latest News - August 2014: Original Website Returns
After a brief flirtation with Wordpress, I decided that the original website had a certain originality that was lost in the more generic Wordpress themed site. At some time in the near future I may update this site, replacing it with a more modern website design. However, for the time being I still like the way that it looks.

Latest News - July 2014: Home Movies Converted to DVD
Now fully equipped to create high quality home movies from your original VHS, VHS-C, Hi-8, Digital 8 and digital camcorders. Discounts for 5 tapes or more. Beautifully presented with animated menus, high quality DVD and glossy custom designed DVD inserts. A delightful addition to your bookshelf and a fantastic gift for a friend or loved one.

Contact dirletonpcdoctor@btinternet.com for more information.

Latest News - June 2014: Diezel Passes Away
Its with great sadness that I report that our beloved Belgian Shepherd dog Diezel passed away after a short illness. Many of you might have met him personally, or might have seen us all walking through the village or along the Archerfield road. We received many notes of sympathy and well wishes from friends and customers everywhere. Thank you for your kindness.

Latest News - June 2014: Windows 7 SFF Computer Systems
Fantastic Windows 7 SFF computer systems for sale. 1GB RAM (can upgrade this if you need), 80GB Hard Drive, Intel Dual Core 1.6GHZ. Very nice desktop PC with everything you need - all for £120.00. Small footprint so ideal for a small office or bedroom. Call or text me on 0755 7353862 for more details. Can supply monitor, keyboard and mouse too for a very reasonable extra charge.

Latest News - May 2014:
Massive Microsoft Windows 8.1 issues right now concerning an update that is causing many people issues. KB2919355 is causing all sorts of problems right now and Microsoft are yet to provide a definitive solution to this. I’ve been working on one customer’s computer for over a day now and its endlessly frustrating.

Latest News - April 2014:
Microsoft have discontinued support for Windows XP. I have some great sources for brand new and warrantied computer systems (running Windows 7 or Windows 8) or I can help make your Windows XP system safe for you to use despite the end of product support. Contact me at dirletonpcdoctor@btinternet.com for more details.

Latest News - January 2014:
Microsoft discontinue product support for Windows XP in April 2014. Get in touch with me if you are running these systems and wish to upgrade. Or if you wish to keep your existing computer system I can help make it safe for you to do so.

Latest News - 10th November 2013:
Annoying, there’s been a slight delay in the arrival of my new 8mm equipment. But I’m fully able to convert your VHS tapes to DVD format now. An excellent present - especially for older family members. I can also burn your digital movies to DVD too - even if they don’t exist anywhere but Youtube! Just get in touch and ask me.

Latest News - October 2013:
Seeing a lot of user profile errors in Windows 7. If your PC is suffering from this please let me know. I’ve moved into VHS to DVD conversions and am getting through these quite quickly. Its a pretty nice Christmas present for someone you care about - converting their old home movies to DVD. Also, in 2014 Windows XP  reaches the end of its supported life. I’ll be posting information on what this means in the members area once I get it up and running.

Latest News - September 2013:
Scammers still striking this area. Beware if you’ve let them control your PC. They leave behind remote access software which basically means they can still see everything you’re doing. Safest bet is to switch off and give me a call. I’ll clean your PC, review and revise your security and remove any remote access software they may have left behind.

Latest News - August 2013:
Switching to Windows 8? If you’re a BT customer you might have problems. The email client that’s supplied with Windows 8 isn’t supported by BT mail - and you won’t be able to manage your contacts using the Windows 8 People app either. Contact me if you need some advice about what you should do...

Latest News - July 2013:
Have a reconditioned Windows 7 PC with 1GB RAM, Microsoft Security Essentials, DVD playback software, Open Office, Picassa and iTunes. Everything you need with keyboard and optical mouse - all for only £85! Contact me on 07557353862 asap!

Latest News - June 2013:
I’m now supplying reconditioned laptops with a 4 month warranty or a 12 months warranty (for an additional £30). Prices start at £150.00 and the laptops come set up and ready to go with the following great features:

  • Anti virus installed and configured.
  • Microsoft Office compatible suite (basically, Office 2010 for free!).
  • Google Chrome and Internet Explorer Browsers configured and set up correctly.
  • Your data copied across from your old PC or laptop, if you have one.
  • Email account(s) set up.

Of course, every computer I sell has been checked extensively for potential hardware problems before leaving my premises so you can count on it being a good buy in the first place. Give me a call on -755 735 3862 to discuss your requirements and I will see what I can offer you.

Latest News - May 2013:
BT email seems to have sorted itself out with only a few of my customers telling me they’ve been asked to change password details. Cold calling scammers seem to have dropped off recently too - but if you’ve heard from them let me know.

I admit that I’ve grown to like Windows 8 - though it won’t work with BT’s email an you’ll need to use a third party service instead of the built in email which detracts from the interface aesthetic a little. That being as it is, I still recommend Windows 8 as its... faster. Faster is more important to me than anything else. To begin with, I hated the interface. But I’ve grown to like it and if you’re not trying to crack the atom with your PC then you’ll probably (secretly admit to) liking it too.

Latest News - March 2013:
I’ve seen a lot of problems lately with customers who have BT and Hotmail email accounts. The biggest problems seemed to arrive from poor advice offered by the respective support staff. Many account holders have been asked to change their passwords and personal details without good reason. In some cases people have been left uncertain as to whether or not their email has or continues to be compromised.

If you suspect that your email has been infiltrated I highly recommend having your computer cleaned and checked over. I can also change your passwords for you if you like, ensuring that your address book details are safe.

Latest News - March 2013:
Looks like something’s gone wrong with some well known e-mail providers. More information will follow, but if your friends are telling you that you’re sending out malware loaded e-mails then you might need to give me a call.

Latest News - December 2012:
I’m taking a break over the festive season and will be available for work from the 7th January onwards. If you have an urgent problem I can probably help you provided you can drop off and collect your equipment. Give me a call on 07557353862 and ask!

Latest News - October 2012:
I’m starting to think about Christmas now and will probably be dropping all my customers a line in the next few weeks reminding you of the services I’ll be able to offer and the times when I will and won’t be working. I never managed to finish my Talking Rolodex for the blind, but I will be doing another project this year for blind computer users and may finish (or at least advance!) the Talking Rolodex during that time.

I estimate that I’ll be available for work this year up until the 20th December and then resuming on the 5th January, but this may change.

”Windows”  Service Scammers Strike Again - 15th June 2012:
If you receive a phone call from a computer service company claiming to represent “Windows” or “Microsoft” be warned that its a definite scam. It can be a costly one too as the scammers take control of your PC and install software which will ensure that, should you decide to stop paying them, your PC will stop working.

BBC News Report

Don’t let anyone you are unsure of take control of your PC remotely! If you have already done so, switch off your laptop or PC now and call me immediately on 07557353862. If you have given bank or credit card details to these scammers contact your bank or credit card company immediately and let them know what has happened. Warning: Do not contact the scammers or charge back your payment to them before having your computer cleaned by a professional like myself. Otherwise they will use their remote access tools to damage or disrupt your PC.

Latest News -  14th May 2012:
Have been working pretty hard on my Talking Dictionary and Talking Rolodex for the blind. The Talking Rolodex was an idea I came up with to manage my own appointments, customer details and etc. It actually started life in 1994 as something I called “SmartScan” but never got round to finishing. Now, I’m spending a little more time working on this to see if I can make it into something useful that a visually impaired computer user can enjoy. This being as it is, I am still available to help with all your PC issues. Just give me a call on 01620 8502843

Latest News -  14th February 2012:
Have some wireless extenders available still if you want the range improving round the house.

Nice laptop for sale at a good price.

Fake technicians are still scamming this area so beware. I kept one on the go for about an hour just last week. Amazingly, she did not hang up the phone even when I told her that my PC was “physically spinning round and round so much that I couldn’t even touch the keyboard”.

These scammers are thieves pure and simple. If you get someone -anyone - calling you up and asking you to hand over control of your PC hang up! If you’re feeling more adventurous (like me) you can string them along and see how far you can take it. I managed to keep the phone call going despite the fact that...

  • My computer had just appeared and nobody knew where it had come from.
  • My computers changed colour according to their mood.
  • One of my computers had started to spin round and round madly.
  • One of my computers had just tried to bite me so I was frightened to go back to it.

Latest News -  5th November 2011:
The iPad is a popular gift this year, as is the Amazon Kindle. I can help you set up both if you need. If you find your wifi is dropping out around the house I can help you extend the range of your home network by setting up a wifi extender for you. Its much more reliable than mains networking, which is prone to intereference from electronic devices connected to the same mains circuit.

Latest News -  30th June 2011:
Fake Alert, Rogue, Hoax. These malware programs trick you into installing more viruses on your system. The fakealert software is clever, disabling internet explorer and any anti virus you have installed. Give me a call if you were unlucky enough to see and respond to a window looking something like this:

Call 0755 735 3862 or  01620 85 0284 Now

Latest News -  20th May April 2011:
More occurrences of fake technicians calling PC users in North Berwick. If someone calls you up claiming to be from Microsoft do not let them take control of your computer. This is the point at which they’ll install malware on your system - and then ask you for £80 to clean it off!

Latest News -  23rd April 2011:
I can’t say I’m impressed with the latest Microsoft browser - even though I’ve sung the praises of IE8 over Firefox and Chrome in the past. The problem is the newest feature of IE9 - hardware rendering (basically, a faster way of drawing / displaying the web page). Older and incompatible machines running IE9 might petulantly show a blank page instead of the desired content. Luckily, the fix to this is quite straightforward but (sadly) makes upgrading to IE9 pointless. In the coming months I hope MS will improve on the compatibility issue. After all - we’re not all running PCs that are five minutes old!

Latest News -  7th April 2011:
Quite a few occurrences of “brokencommand” malware / virus the past few days. If you are unlucky enough to have this I can remove it for you. Call me on 0755 735 3862. This virus affects your computer so that programs and other files will not open (file association errors appear).

Latest News -  10th February 2011:
I’m still working on a talking project for blind computer users but I am available if you need me to look at your PC.

Latest News -  2nd February 2011:
I have another cheap PC for sale for only £60 if you are willing to collect. This reconditioned PC comes with a 30 day warranty.

Latest News -  26th January 2011:
I have a new PC for sale right now. This PC is £160 and the price includes a 6 month warranty, installation and free anti virus and spyware solutions. Add a printer too for just £35 extra! Just give me a call on 01620 850284.

Latest News -  1st January 2011:
Happy new year to everyone! I’m still working on my Talking Rolodex for the blind but I am now available again if your PC needs attention. Just give me a call on 01620 850284.

Latest News -  13th November 2010:
All customers should be receiving a small gift through the door shortly!.

Latest News - 5th October 2010:
Lots of issues right now with TalkTalk, Tiscali and Pipex. If you find your service is slow or if you’re having connection problems it might be because of this.

Latest News - 22nd September 2010:
I am very surprised to learn about the new bogus support scam that has been happening a lot in Gullane and beyond. See here for more details.

Tesco in North Berwick are offering a terrific deal right now on a HP printer / scanner / copier that’s a nice, substantial device that would serve a student or home office very well. Only 49.95, if memory serves, and its original price was in excess of 100.00.

Latest News - 23rd August 2010:
I have a number of printers that I can supply, install and demonstrate now for under 80 pounds. Just give me a call and ask me about them. I also have two Pentium 4 PCs in need of a good home - supplied and installed for 80 pounds each. Call 0755 735 3862.

Latest News - 18th August 2010:
Wow, a month goes by already!

If you find that I’m not home when you call you can leave me a message or you can call my mobile: 0775 1025 824.

Latest News - 18th July 2010:
The Dirleton village fete went beautifully, even if the flapjacks I cooked ended up a disaster.

My son and I enjoyed a great day out. My TR7 joined the classic car  display and looked (for a brief moment after the rain) just brilliant. Of course, once the rain droplets evaporated all the tiny cracks and blemishes on the paintwork were visible once more. I also took a picture of my all time favorite car, the beautiful Triumph Stag.

Many thanks to Fidra Stores and everyone else who helped to make it a fantastic day.


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...hi, thanks for invoice.  tried laptop last nite -
what a difference!!!! previously it was like
waiting for xmas when it was only january!!!!
thank you so much...

...Thank you Richard. It worked! ..and 3,000 miles away! Many thanks.

...Thanks for investigating the virus issue with Norton, you certainly asked all the right questions. We will continue to check with Microsoft and if anything turns up will let you know. Thanks again for your help...

...Many thanks.  The restoration process worked perfectly. When I came home there were two photos that needed to be skipped or merged and once that was done the transfer process completed, so all is well...

...PC and laptop working great...

...good morning Richard thank you for mending my friend seems to be working well at the moment I was praising you to my son and he asked if you could have a look at his hard drive i think it wont switch On !! I have it here no rush depends on how busy you are I can drop it in what ever suits you...

...Very satisfied with 2 laptops now working more quickly having been 'cleaned up'. Trojan removed in one case and extra RAM added in the other case...

Fast and efficient

...Thanks for all your help, Richard. We will send the cheque without delay...

...Many thanks, these changes are great, please can you go ahead and make them live...

...hi, thanks for invoice.  tried laptop last nite -
what a difference!!!! previously it was like
waiting for xmas when it was only january!!!!
thank you so much...

...Thank you Richard. It worked! ..and 3,000 miles away! Many thanks.

...Thanks for investigating the virus issue with Norton, you certainly asked all the right questions. We will continue to check with Microsoft and if anything turns up will let you know. Thanks again for your help...

...Many thanks.  The restoration process worked perfectly. When I came home there were two photos that needed to be skipped or merged and once that was done the transfer process completed, so all is well...